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You made it here which means you have some love for plants or at least the wonderful products they can produce. Here at Moose Mountain, we are making efforts to educate and advocate for our small corner of the world. We are passionate about the environment, animals, and health. Winemaker, Rich Schmidt is a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and a Food for Life Instructor. He is more than happy to share his knowledge or give you a glimpse into his plant-based lifestyle. Below are some resources and recommendations to feed your curiosity.

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  • Unlock 30-plus years of research-based evidence linking some of the most common diseases in the US to the standard American diet in The China Study
  • Take a further look into dieting and weight loss. Learn tips from the renowned Dr. Greger on ways to ditch the weight in How Not to Diet. Pair it with How Not to Diet Cookbook for some delicious plant-based recipes.
  • Understand the addictive and harmful effects of cheese and receive tips on how to substitute in The Cheese Trap


  • Allow Australian nutritionist and physiotherapist, Simon Hill to take you through an immersive health journey. He speaks with different health experts to bring you a wealth of knowledge in The Proof with Simon Hill.
  • Fueled by ambition to save our planet listen to Fred Ferris talk to individuals about the reasons they switched to plant-based. Tune into Plant Your Seed to hear inspirational stories. Check out our own plant-based winemaker and Reproductive Endrocronoligst, Richard Schmidt speaking on his journey!
  • Get questions answered about a plant-based diet and many different useful tips that you can start implementing today! Listen to The Exam Room with Chuck Carroll (aka “The Weight Loss Champion”). 


  • Witness the effects of animal agriculture on the environment through documentaries like Cowspiracy and Seapiracy
  • See how vegan athletes have unlocked their potential through their diet in the encouraging documentary, The Game Changers
  • Discover the incredible ability to control and even reverse diseases with the highest mortality rates in the U.S. through diet. Watch Forks Over Knives


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